Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pythagoras Trading Card

So, I've finished an image for my trading card that I'm swapping with students in my printmaking workshop. I decided to focus on Pythagoras instead of Plato, just because a² + b² = c² seemed easy (our theme is abstract and I chose abstract math). Besides, I kept going on all these crazy paths reading about Plato and Socrates, and I wanted this thing finished. In hindsight I'm not crazy about the eyebrows, but I need to forge ahead. We only have once class left...

I printed formatted text on my laserjet and used a blender pen to transfer my text to my plate (which is Cel-tec--I skipped beveling too, btw), then used a stylus to make the marks. I inked with Akua intaglio, wiped with a phone book page, then printed on water-spritzed Arches 88.

To make into trading cards, I cut the prints into 2.5 x 7" strips, folded them in half, and used 3M mounting adhesive as my glue. My last step will be signing and numbering them.

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